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The Opera Mezza is the smallest speaker in the Classica series. It's a two-way bass-reflex loaded speaker design with a small footprint. It can be mounted on a stand or shelf in medium or small rooms, even with a near-field listening point.

The Mezza stands apart from other bookshelf speakers at the same price thanks to it surprising ability to deliver extended low frequencies, and for the neutral yet detailed reproduction of the entire sound spectrum. This level of performance is is only possible because of the high-quality components used by Opera's skilled team.

The main woofer from SEAS has a  double-treated paper diaphragm that that effectively dampens the break-up without increasing the driver mass. The motion of the cone is decompressed by the acoustically transparent dust cup. The linear displacement of the diaphragm is 10 mm long and provides good performance even at low frequencies and reduces inter-modulation distortion in the midrange. The Scanspeak tweeter is the same as those used in all the models of the Classica Line (Grand Mezza, Seconda and Quinta...) with a one-inch dome, decompression chamber and ferrofluid .

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