GOTW W/C 3 FEB // GURU @ The Prince Albert 8th February 2020.

As it's our 50th blog entry, why don't we celebrate with a sold out show eh?

The raucous ‘Fred Perry’ wearing punks that are: GURU, have been the talk of the town. After selling out shows all around the UK, the band were set to support fellow Tunbridge Wells lads: SLAVES on their December tour before the string of shows were unfortunately cancelled.

Now they're back in the place they call home headlining a SOLD OUT Prince Albert just under the Brighton Train Station and I fear for their floorboards, I really mean that, I'm scared. These humble chiwawa-esque chaps are known for their high energy performances and the crowds they pull in are just as bonkers. 

If you know, you know and we'll see you there!

"Don't Talk" Music Video

Supports: Mice On Mars & Scowl.

Dear friends to SixtySix, Mice On Mars create a loud, high energy performance for the 5 small creatures that they are and can be found in the smoking area and after supporting the likes of: Feet, Bloxx and Lady Bird, Scowl's ear-splitting punk will leave any head spinning the next morning. So all in all, these bands are rellentless and are bound to leave you with a sore head... STAY HYDRATED KIDS!

Tickets: Sold Out